Healing or avoiding burning out takes really understanding ourselves. That is how we resist this inner pull towards going on when we are wrung out. This inner pull comes with watertight arguments that even seem to prove themselves true. In this clip I explain how this works for ennea 9.
4 tools that focus on short-term relief from burning out. Small consistent actions have huge impact. My next video will explain how to heal ourselves from 'having to soldier on' when our body and soul so desperately need us to stop.
Here are the 9 symptoms of burnout in more detail. Wait for the last one. It's the one with a vicious kick in it. Please track your own symptoms so you can take care of yourself. Check out my Revive! Burnout Coaching on my website. Burnout's vicious kick is not for sissies and it cannot always be overcome alone.
Knowing the difference is vital. As I have ample experience with burnout, I decided to talk about it. With burnout the most important thing is to be aware. Burnout drivers have a way of convincing us that we need to go on even as soul and body desperately need to rest.
People said to have a strong personality often have strong leadership skills in the following areas: drive, great decision-making skills, clear focus, detailed knowledge, action-focus, bigger-picture thinking, getting things done. However, behind that label of ‘strong personality’ often hides a deep sigh – from the person herself and from people who work with her.
The manager determines people’s engagement, motivation, and productivity. Does it sometimes feel like you are held responsible for something that you have limited control over?
6 pointers for finding the right executive coachAll coaches are dedicated, passionate and good at helping others grow and thrive. It can be hard to pick one coach from the crowd. With executive coaching you need to be sure about your pick.
When you feel others are just stupid or uncaring or the world is a dark place, then you are stuck in a stress trap. You are swamped with anxiety...

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