On Burnout 2/13

This is how you know you are heading for burnout:

  1. You feel really tired - and it comes from the mind. Your mind is tired.
  2. You feel emotionally wrung out.
  3. Mind and feelings are so depleted that you stop caring. You just can't find the energy to care.
  4. You forget small things. You draw blanks where there should be simple information like if you sent that email already or not.
  5. You are not so excited about seeing friends and family. You just feel too exhausted.
  6. You get frustrated or overwhelmed easily.
  7. Situations that seemed easy to solve in the past, seem insurmountable.
  8. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone - by the whole world.
  9. You just want to space out.

Don't wait for burnout to shut you down. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Connect to your true source of energy.

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