Why is it always the manager? Or: How to become a strong leader

It seems it’s always the manager. The manager determines people’s engagement, motivation, and productivity. There is also that saying that people don’t leave a job, they leave their boss. This is tough to accept when you are managers and leading teams. You strive to do your best. And still, it might often feel like you are failing with something you seem to have no real control over: your personality. But there is a way to turn all this around completely. Understand yourself and make your personality your strongest leadership asset.

As a manager you are only as good as your awareness of yourself and your impact on others. You lose credibility as you slip into your blind spots – especially when you are stressed. Other people react by falling into their stressed self as well. The quality of your conversation suffers. Trust, engagement, and high-quality results are hard to achieve. And suddenly it’s all about the manager.

The higher your rank, the higher your impact. It multiplies down the ranks. Blind spots work against you. Growing awareness works for you.

The solution is simple, but it takes courage: As you become aware of your blind spots, triggers and negative beliefs, they lose their power. Your access to your best self is unblocked. You become a conscious leader and step into your best, natural leadership style.

As a conscious leader you see things clearly. Your intuition and empathy grow. You can be true to all aspects of each situations you face. Your insights are powerful. Your actions have the desired impact. Your teams experience trust, vision, and direction. They perform at a high level. You and your teams are at the top of their game. And that too, is because of the manager!

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