Know your

blind spots

Get a sense of

direction and purpose

A map makes life easier:

With the Enneagram Map you receive a guide to understand who you are and what makes you tick:

Know your best self

Embrace your gifts, drivers, values and strengths and build on them

Understand where your blind spots are.

They make you ineffective. They drain your motivation.

Enjoy a sense of direction and purpose

that comes with understanding your personal growth path

What you don’t see, blocks you.

These are signs that you are caught in a blind spot:

You work very hard to do your best. But the problems persist.

You wait for others to do what they should have been doing all along.

You have that persistent feeling that something escapes you.

You feel drained and frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed.

How to escape the vice-like grip

of these 3 basic stress traps

Know where you are on your map

And the map can show you how to navigate past your blind spots your best self. This takes courage, honesty and self-awareness. You will understand your inner self better the longer you work with your map.

As a conscious leader you take responsibility for your actions and your impact. Your values guide you. Your strengths will support everyone around you. You are consistent and trusted as a manager. This is the basis for meaningful success.

Growing your self-awareness is the most important work you do as a human being. The Enneagram Map is the most powerful tool to support you.

Take up your true leadership power

with the Enneagram Map. It includes:

Enneagram personality online test and report by Integrative Enneagram Solutions (Standard Report)

In-depth 75 minutes online coaching session with an experienced and internationally certified coach

Recording of the session

R 1 680 / € 89 / $ 98)

How to get your Enneagram Package

1. Contact me

Press the button and send me a mail.

2. Get your Enneagram report

I send you a link to an online-questionnaire. Your report will land in your inbox as soon as you finish the questionnaire.

3.  Read your map with me

You will understand

  • your values    
  • what drives you 
  • your best and your worst self
  • the deeper dynamics of your inner self    
  • the overarching goal of your personal development

What is the Enneagram?

And why would this personality test make such a difference?

The Enneagram does not just show you who you are, this tool also reveals who you can be at your best – and how to get there.

It shows what drives you and how that influences your beliefs, values and strengths. Following your driver blindly can get us stuck in your stressed self. For example, when you are driven hard to move things forward, you can become disrespectful towards others or you can stretch into empathy which will yield better results.

The Enneagram works like a map as it traces your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can see where you are and how to steer your course past what gets us stuck. From the start the Enneagram gives you actionable insights for personal development.

It offers more and more depth the longer you work with it. You will have a life-long guide for your most important work: growing your self-awareness to lead a conscious, fulfilled life.

This is how this tool truly enables mindful living and successful leadership as a manager.

Our reviews

What People Say

Thank you for your insight and guidance. Working with you was eye-opening and ‘revelation-ary’.

Lisa Schmidt

Group Sales Manager, Petousis

Our reviews

What People Say

Thank you so much for opening up my mind to have a better outlook on things all around as well as understanding myself better.

Martin Mashanda

Quality Assurance and Training Manager, Pixelfaerie

Our reviews

What People Say

Claudia Brandt helps you to re-imagine life with fresh and hopeful eyes… and that enables you to meet your challenges with vigour and a new enthusiasm.




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How to escape the vice-like grip of these 3 basic stress traps

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How to escape the vice-like grip of these 3 basic stress traps

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