Enneagram Map

Your Enneagram report and 90-minutes session

Get your personality map.

Know yourself.

Do better.

What you don’t see, blocks you.

A map makes invisible paths visible. It gives you the lay of the land and shows you the way. Maps make life easier. These are signs an Enneagram Map will make your life so much easier too:

  • You would like to understand yourself better.
  • You have tried everything, but your problems persist.
  • You have that persistent feeling that something escapes you.
  • You feel drained, frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed.

A map makes life easier:

With the Enneagram Map you understand who you are, who you can be at your best and how to get there:

Know your best self

Embrace your gifts, drivers, values to move into your best self

Understand where your blind spots are.

They render you ineffective. They drain you. They lead you into burnout

Enjoy a sense of direction and purpose

that comes with understanding your personal growth path.

Your Professional Enneagram Map

for leadership and team coaching


  • your personal Professional Enneagram Report from Integrative9
  • a 90-minutes one-on-one Enneagram session so you know your inner pathways towards depletion or energy, towards just managing or leading, towards stagnation or growth, towards being a.
  • a recording of your session 

You will

  • understand your values, drivers and inner dynamics and how they shape you,
  • feel the relief of understanding yourself,
  • have a clear overview of your leadership skills, strengths and how to grow them,
  • see how you impact your team, how you can become a better team player to go into high performance together,
  • have an overview of the types of stress and level of stress you are experiencing.


If you already have an Enneagram Report from Integrative9, please contact me directly. We could just set up the Inner Map session.

Your Standard Enneagram Map

for private life and burnout coaching

Receive your

  • Standard Enneagram Report from Integrative9,
  • 90-minutes one-on-one Enneagram session so you know  your inner pathways towards burnout or energy, towards stuckness or fulfillment,
  • and a recording of your session.

You will

  • understand your driver and values
  • understand how your inner pathways into stress or growth (and fulfillment),
  • learn how you can grow into your best self,
  • feel the relief of making sense of yourself,


If you already have an Enneagram Report from Integrative9, please contact me directly. We could just set up the Inner Map session.

Why the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personal development tool. It does not just show you who you are. This tool also reveals who you can be at your best – and how to get there.

It shows what drives you and how that influences your beliefs, values and strengths. Following your driver blindly can drive you into burnout. Understanding your driver brings you balance, and fulfilling success.

The Enneagram works like a map as you can trace your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can see where you are and how to steer your course past frustration and burnout. Instead you can choose to grow and thrive. From the start the Enneagram gives you practical insights to feel and do better.

It offers more and more depth the longer you work with it. You will have a life-long guide for your most important work: growing your self-awareness, self-development, and leading a conscious life at work and at home.

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