The relief of understanding yourself and each other

Coaching for teams and their leaders to do the work that matters

Adapt to

changing times 

Access your

superior intelligence

Feel a lift in

energy and spirit

Who you are matters.

You possess unique superpowers. Your personality is geared towards making contributions that matter. When you understand yourself, you can 

  • make decisions in the face of uncertainty as part of a strong team 
  • build your team for great results based on your natural leadership style 
  • role model the organisational culture you aim for by being authentically you 
  • bring into the world what matters to you 

What you do matters. How you do it matters. It matters that you are at your best. 

Leaning on each other in this spirit, teams access their superior intelligence. Their shared intelligence succeeds when individuals are overwhelmed by uncertainty. 

Understand what matters –

do what matters 

As a deeply experienced team and leadership coach Claudia Brandt unlocks your courage to make sense of your actions, feelings and thoughts. What you need to understand, clicks into place. You learn to reach into your higher intelligence. Claudia

  • has worked with hundreds of leaders and teams over 13 years
  • is internationally trained and certified as a professional coach (ICF PCC, ORSCC)
  • is highly experienced and trained in best practice tools. (systemic relationship systems coaching, solution-focus brief therapy, Enneagram, Thinking Partnerships, constellation work)

Leadership Coaching



Understand yourself

Enneagram Personality test

and 75 minutes online session

R 1 680

(around € 88 or $ 98)

Coaching for


The BestSelf

Coaching Program

Move into your best self

BestSelf Coaching Program with the Enneagram: 14 online sessions over 8 months for conscious leaders

From R 3 800 per month over 8 months

(around € 200 or $ 220)

Team Coaching

Team EQ Booster

Dealing with feeling – understand your team

Team EQ booster:

2 x 3-hours (online) workshop

R 16 800

facilitation fee for up to 8 participants

(around € 885 or $ 990)

Coaching for


Bespoke Team Coaching

Access your team’s superior intelligence

7 (online) systemic team coaching sessions

over 6 months

from R 14 000 per month

over 6 months for a team of up to 8

(around € 740 or $ 825)

My clients:

Mediclinic, Spar, Pioneer Foods, Xneelo (Hetzner), Johnson & Johnson, Cape Nature, Global Load Control (Lufthansa), Mothers 2 Mothers, CCi, University of Stellenbosch, University of Cape Town, The Vineyard Hotel, The Townhouse Hotel, Oude Werf Hotel, Pixelfaerie

I am based in Cape Town and deliver all my services online as well as at your chosen premises. I speak English and German.

How to get started

1. Schedule an appointment

Simply click the button, leave me a message and we’ll set up an appointment.

2. Meet me

We talk about

  • all your frustrations,
  • how you would like things to be different
  • which hard goals you want to reach.

3. Understand yourself. Move into your best self

Designing a process for you I customise my products to answer your needs. I lead you through a clear, step-by-step process for you and/or your team to reach all your goals safely.

Who is a leader?

A leader is everyone who takes responsibility for creating a better life for himself and others by growing self-awareness and self-mastery. Leaders act with integrity and authenticity. They have a positive influence on people and outcomes. Their motivation stems from a positive vision for humanity they feel accountable to. 

Does coaching pay?

Many companies see coaching as a luxury with no relevance to the bottom line. However, no one contests that high-performing individuals and teams have huge impact. That is where coaching comes in. Through coaching

  • teams and their leaders reach their true potential faster
  • teams and their leaders reach goals faster      
  • teams become able to creatively solve complex problems that overwhelm individuals       
  • team leaders become conscious leaders forming strong, high-performance teams
  • you grow a positive, high-performance culture in your company
  • your levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) rise: the ability to collaborate, develop creative solutions, have those
  • difficult conversations successfully, resolve conflict and manage stress.

The alternative to coaching is to perpetuate failings caused by shortcomings on the personal level. You lose time, energy and money in intangible yet very real ways.

These are my services which enable you to change what matters: Enneagram Package, BestSelf Coaching Program (executive coaching, leadership coaching, personal development) team coaching, workshop facilitation, team development, EQ workshops and change management support for teams, their leaders and executives.

Our reviews

What People Say

I am deeply grateful to Claudia for the time we spent together … she is intuitive, caring and insightful.

Athena Turner

Senior Marketing and Brand Manager, Hetzner Pty (ltd)

Our reviews

What People Say

I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so fabulous at what you do! … Thank you for your gentle yet direct way!

Liza Wapenaar

Liza Wapenaar, Head of Design – Spar, Western Cape

Our reviews

What People Say

Claudia Brandt is an exceptional coach and I have found her assistance extremely valuable both in my professional and personal development…. I will always be in her debt for the valuable contribution she has made in my life journey.

Dr Stefan Smuts


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