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Overcome burnout.

 * Please note that this is coaching and does not replace the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

On team coaching

Working with you was eye-opening and ‘revelation-ary’.

Lisa Schmidt, Group Sales Manager, Petousis

On executive coaching

Could not have done this without you.

Etienne Ludick, Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods

Know yourself -

The Enneagram Map 

A map makes life so much easier! With the Enneagram Map you understand who you are, who you can be at your best and how to get where you want to be.

Go from depleted

to energised

Understand where you are, what traps you and how to return to a good life. Start with the Burnout Recovery Map, a specialised Enneagram Map.

Go from just

managing to leading

Know yourself - Grow into your full leadership intelligence.

Grow Your Team

from OK to WOW

Know yourself, know your team,

grow into your team’s combined intelligence (RSI).

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Tell me what is in your way.

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My clients

I am based in Cape Town and deliver all my services online as well face-to-face. I speak English and German.



The truth about Zoom fatigue

Studies show online video chat platforms exhaust the human mind and body, and it’s part of something much bigger. Here, Claudia Brandt, who works as a personality coach with teams and their leaders online, shares her insight.


The new normal

How do you create a healthy working environment at home? Well, according to brand and empowerment coach Claudia Brandt, it all boils down to three fundamental factors: structure, boundaries and balance.


Being a boss

Setting up a business or getting a promotion at work means being self-aware so you can lead with intention. Personality coach Claudia Brandt explains new bosses tend to respond

in one of three ways.


Claudia Brandt, a seasoned coach in People Management and Leadership, unpacks the emotional complexities of today's fast-paced work environment. From her own journey to becoming a people coach to her groundbreaking session on burnout, Claudia offers invaluable insights into managing stress and emotional well-being. She delves into the global challenges of adapting to rapid technological shifts and the importance of setting boundaries. Claudia also introduces the concept of "color personalities" in the workplace, exploring how 'Reds,' 'Yellows,' and 'Blues' ​by Prof. Dr Andreas Rissler can better understand each other to foster a more collaborative and productive atmosphere. Whether you're an executive, a team member, or someone navigating the emotional toll of modern work, this episode is a must-listen for actionable strategies and profound wisdom.

Latest Blog Posts

On Burnout 1/13 Feeling bone-tired, sometimes, is only normal
However, exhaustion can settle into the very soul. Eventually, you just want to be left alone. You don’t care much about anything. This is burnout. Don’t wait for it to shut you down. At that point, it takes years to recover.
On Burnout 2/13: This is how you know you are heading for burnout
1. You feel really tired - and it comes from the mind. Your mind is tired. 2. You feel emotionally wrung out. 3. Mind and feelings are so depleted that you stop caring. You just can't find the energy to care.
On burnout 3/13: How to avoid burnout
1. First of all, be honest with yourself. If you show symptoms, don't just push through. I know a part of you feels it is the only solution. It insists it is the only option you have. But it's not true, at least not for the stretch of time it takes to develop burnout.

About Claudia Brandt,

ME (Dipl. Volkswirt), ICF PCC, ORSCC

Three experiences have formed me as a coach. My first one is working in the corporate world as a marketing manager, strategist and consultant. The second one is overcoming depression, anxiety and burnout - mostly by knowing and growing myself. And the last one was living and working in 6 countries in 4 continents.. I have experienced how different peoples live and thrive..

This is what I have learned and how it will help you:

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  • What makes work-life successful and fulfilling are strong leadership and strong teams. Sometimes this needs a little support. I know this as a team member and as a coach.
  • These are the best tools that will work for you: systemic work, solution-focus work (SFBT), organizational relationship systems coaching (ORSC), mBraining (neuroscience-based coaching), and Thinking Partnerships.
  • Tools that help us understand ourselves, make a huge difference in our personal growth. The Enneagram will do this for you. The Enneagram helps you to see who you are now, who you can be at your best and how to become your best self.
  • Keep on growing, stay curious, and always learn more. It opens you up to a happy life!

I live in Cape Town. I am happily married to my high-school sweetheart. We have one son who studies in Berlin. I love working in the earth  in my garden, reading a good book and discovering how everything is connected in the most unexpected ways. And sometimes you can find me walking on our beautiful Cape Town mountains and beaches.

Claudia is a coaching powerhouse.

Jan Niemand - mBIT coach trainer, director and principal coach at Re-script Coaching

I am deeply grateful to Claudia for the time we spent together … she is intuitive, caring and insightful.

Athena Turner - Senior Marketing and Brand Manager, Xneelo

You have been phenomenal. Just to come and think with you, to be re-affirmed, to see the bigger picture and to gain new insights has been great.

Sachin Naidoo - Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods

I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so fabulous at what you do! … Thank you for your gentle yet direct way!

Liza Wapenaar - Head of Design – Spar, Western Cape

Claudia Brandt is an exceptional coach and I have found her assistance extremely valuable …. I will always be in her debt for the valuable contribution she has made in my life journey.

Dr Stefan Smuts - Chief Clinical Officer, MEDICLINIC SOUTHERN AFRICA

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