The ennea 7 & burnout,

how it develops and how to heal it

The driver of the 7 is the fear of pain. 7s avoid it by distracting themselves, by denying anything uncomfortable and by constantly looking for stimulation, for new experiences.

What drives the 7 into burnout is

- having to move all the time on this constant quest for the next possibility, opportunity, experience,

- feeling the push to constantly do more faster,

- avoiding seeing a problem by constantly re-framing it as something okay,

- taking on too much in the expectation of new exciting challenges and experiences but being able to finish anything,

- avoiding responsibility until it all caves in over their heads,

- self-medicating to escape uncomfortable experiences.

While burning out 7s lose touch with reality more and more while feeling deeply unsatisfied and disappointed.

What helps 7s escape burnout:

- allowing themselves to slow down and look deeper and deal with each situation as it shows up,

- letting themselves sit with uncomfortable experiences so that they can see and experience the whole, entire scope of life and living, it also enable them to

- learn to look at the facts, be more cautious, look at the full truth of a situation,

- take responsibility for all their actions, look closely and take charge

- take time to relax and reflect

- develop a practice of mindfulness to slow down the fast, very busy mind

- learn to replace the expectation of fun with the experience of joy in the moment.

The 7 brings joy to the world, to themselves and to everyone around them. It learns to find it in everyday life, in stillness as well as in new exciting opportunities, experiences and possibility. The 7 teaches us to embrace the new and find joy in every situation.

Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –