On Burnout 5/13

How to avoid burnout for ennea 1, the Strict Perfectionist

What drives ennea 1:

  • Being a good person and doing things right
  • Helping to improve things to make this world a better place

How these drivers can trigger burnout:

  • Being stuck with seeing the gaps or potential but not seeing real improvement
  • Avoiding 'messy' feeling, but mostly frustration
  • Seeing things as black or white, right or wrong. It needs so much thought and takes up so much energy to uphold.
  • A huge sense of responsibility for so much
  • Being a role model at all times

What is the switch needed towards the deep sources of energy:

  • Give yourself and others the space to just 'be' without checking, judging and improving.
  • Look for intention and purpose to balance out applying principles and rules.
  • Accept what you cannot change and change what is yours to change. (Serenity Prayer)
  • Let yourself feel. You will find relief. And you will discover a lot of useful information hiding behind the feelings.
  • Let yourself do what feels good for you.
  • Laugh! You can be so funny!
  • Your learning is to find lightness, humour and joy.
  • Learning to enjoy silliness is your mission in life.

Unblocking Ennea 1's true source of energy: Serenity.

Don't wait for burnout to take over. Once you are depleted, even healing take too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to connect to your true source of energy.

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