On Burnout 12/13:

How to avoid burnout for ennea 8, the Active Controller

What drives ennea 8:

  • Need to feel strong and invulnerable
  • Need to fill an inner emptiness

How this driver can trigger burnout:

  • You do everything with total conviction, passion and until you implode.
  • You want to protect the weak, the unfortunate. You fight for justice.
  • You feel insatiable when it comes to what matters to you: wellbeing, pleasure, sustenance, shelter, power and influence.
  • You feel such urgency. All has to happen irrespective of the cost to you or others.
  • You override your exhaustion.

What is the switch needed to connect to my true source of energy:

  • You have more choices and support than you are aware of. Give space to others to step up.
  • Give your heart space breathe and engage.
  • Embrace your softer side. It is where your deepest strength as a leader lies.
  • Take a step back. Slow down.
  • Take control of your impulses.

Unblocking Ennea 8's true source of energy: innocence of a child to relax and step back, to see beauty and trust the world is good, have an open heart

Don't wait for burnout to take over. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to connect to your true source of energy. This is where energising gets real.

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