Be You to

be Successful

Expert Online Leadership Coaching

Move into

your best self

Go from managing

to leading

The bad news: It’s also on you.

WHO you are determines your success.

This is how you know you have room to grow:

  • The same problems repeat.
  • Your time is eaten up with the wrong things
  • Teams struggles to step up.
  • You often feel overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious.

Performance is – at least in part – a reflection of how you do things.

The good news: You have all it takes.

Knowing yourself enables you to move into

your natural leadership style:

  • go from operational into strategic management.
  • understand how what you do, say and think impacts performance and culture.
  • find out how you best foster the right conditions for your teams to get things done.
  • connect with your WHY for inspiration, vision and energy.

You have such impact.

The way you do things, determines how your team does things. The way you think, influences how people think. What you feel determines the overall mood. Think of your past bosses and you will see what I mean.

Strong teams are enabled by the leader’s self-management. This is quite a responsibility. It is also a huge opportunity.

By taking care of your self, you also have positive impact on everyone working with you. With a little expert support, you will soon see improvements where you struggle now.

Make it work for everyone.

With 2-Step Brilliant Manager’s Coaching Program you lean into cutting-edge coaching to move into your best natural leadership style.

This is the experience and training you will leverage off:

  • coaching for 13 years and international accreditation as a professional coach (ICF PCC)
  • international certification in cutting-edge, best practice coaching tools: solution-focus, systemic tools (ORSC), Enneagram (IEQ9) and Neuro Coaching (mBIT).
  • many years’ management experience in international corporates
  • extensive first-hand experience of self-development work by overcoming depression, anxiety and burn-out

Step-by-step brings results.

30 minutes consultation

Let’s get to know each other, discuss your situation and the changes you are looking for.

Step 1: Your Inner Map

Get a Professional Enneagram

profile and a  90-minutes session to map your way into your best leadership self.

Step 2: Brilliant Manager’s

Coaching Program

Get 12 sixty-minutes online sessions over up to 6 months. This is professional coaching support for you to go from managing to leading.

Make plans

30 minutes consultation via zoom

  • Let’s get to know each other.
  • Let me know about your situation and how you would like things to be different.
  • Let’s find out if you are ready for the Brilliant Manager’s Coaching Program.

Step 1: Start with the Inner Map

A map always makes life easier. You will receive

  • a Professional Enneagram report for managers and leaders,
  • a 90-minutes coaching session via zoom to turn the report into your inner map.

You will understand yourself on a new level:

  • what makes you a strong manager and leader,
  • where your blind spots are,
  • what the next step are for you to grow into your best, natural leadership style.

Now you have your map into your natural leadership style, you are ready to commit and start the Brilliant Leader’s Coaching Program.

Step 2: The Brilliant Manager’s Coaching Program

The Program is focused on helping you to know your best natural leadership style and grow into it so you, your teams and your business can thrive.

This is what you buy:

  • 12 sixty-minutes leadership coaching sessions over up to 6 months on zoom. 
  • Access to your coach via WhatsApp messages and voice notes as well as email

This is what you get:

find out what makes you successful

learn to understand and wield your superpowers

work from your strengths to build your natural leadership style

see and clear your blind spots,

Read moreĀ 

understand your inner dynamics towards stress or well-being and performance

handle frustration, stress and anxiety better

be clear on your personal presence and impact as a leader so you can build robust work relationships

word your personal WHY for perseverance, inspiration, meaning and motivation

Stepping up tools and classical leadership skills as needed:

go from operative and tactical to strategic

create vision and clear goals for inspiration and focus in teams

strengthen people skills for better leadership: communication, giving and receiving feedback, handling conflict, assertiveness, motivation, engagement

strength decision-making skills

understand and employ different leadership styles / responses to different situations

Thank you for your insight and guidance. Working with you was eye-opening and ‘revelation-ary’.

Lisa Schmidt

Group Sales Manager, Petousis

I was thinking about the changes I have gone through and how much you helped me when I really needed it. Could not have done it without you.

Etienne Ludick

Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods 


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