Go from managing

to leading

Systemic Online Leadership Coaching

based on the Enneagram

Know yourself.

Grow yourself.

Be a strong leader.

Just managing is exhausting.

  • You feel on the back foot.
  • The same problems repeat.
  • Your time is eaten up by  the wrong things.
  • Teams struggle to step up.
  • You often feel overwhelmed, frustrated or anxious.

Draw on your full leadership intelligence:

  • Understand your authentic, intelligent leadership self,
  • go from operational into strategic management,
  • understand how what you do, say, and think impacts performance and culture,
  • find out how you best foster the right conditions for your teams to get things done,
  • connect with your WHY for inspiration, vision, and energy,
  • lean into your personal strengths to be at your best.

Three easy steps into strong leadership

Step 1: Meet me

Let’s get to know each other,  discuss your situation, the changes you are looking for  and see if we are a good fit.

Step 2: Get Your Professional Enneagram Map

A map to your personality makes things so much easier. It will show you the way into your best leadership self. Find out more here.

Step 3:  Lean into bespoke leadership coaching

Depending on your goals and using your Enneagram Map we will set up a coaching plan. I will be there for you to encourage you every step of the way.

Leading comes from your core.

As a manager psychological and emotional stress crowd in in many ways. 

The difference between managing and leading is how well you know yourself - how well you are centred in your strong self.  

When you learn to grow into your strengths, it all becomes much easier. You can draw on your values and drivers. You can see into your blind spot and you understand how you impact the people around you. 

From this place your decisions and actions have the best possible outcomes. From here you can inspire, engage, strategise and lead.

Why work with me?

This is the experience and training you will leverage off with me as your coach:

  • 14 years and close to 10 000 of hrs. coaching experience,
  • international accreditation as a professional coach (ICF PCC),
  • international certification in cutting-edge, best practice coaching tools: solution-focus, systemic tools (ORSC), Enneagram (IEQ9) and Neuro Coaching (mBIT),
  • many years’ management experience in international corporates,
  • extensive first-hand experience with self-awareness, self-management and self-development.

Thank you for your insight and guidance. Working with you was eye-opening and ‘revelation-ary’.

Lisa Schmidt - Group Sales Manager, Petousis

I was thinking about the changes I have gone through and how much you helped me when I really needed it. Could not have done it without you.

Etienne Ludick - Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods 

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