On Burnout 4/13

Burnout is physical as well as emotional and mental fatigue.

Rest is not enough. To avoid or heal burnout, you need to understand your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is where the pressure builds to keep going when you were exhausted long ago.

The Enneagram can help you relieve the pressure:

  1. The Enneagram shows you how your personality works.
  2. Personalities are programmed to avoid what we fear most. Unfortunately, this results in attracting what we fear most. For example, when we try to avoid fear, we want to be prepared for any possible event that might spook us. And just like that, the world is full of things to fear. And we work like mad to be ready for all of them. That's how we experience more and more fear. On top of that we burn out.
  3. Once we understand how this works, we learn how to avoid a spiral into (in this case: fear and) burnout.
  4. We also learn what really fills us with energy and joy and how to get there.
  5. As we change, our situation will change as well.

Don't wait for burnout to shut you down. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to connect to your inner peace.

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