On Burnout 1/13

Feeling bone-tired, sometimes, is only normal. 

However, exhaustion can settle into the very soul. Eventually, you just want to be left alone. You don’t care much about anything.

This is burnout. Don’t wait for it to shut you down. At that point, it takes years to recover.

Burnout is a result of ongoing psychological strain. At the moment I see a lot of symptoms of burnout all around me. It's worrying and easily explained by the stress of the pandemic.

Burnout is not just physical fatigue. It originates from an exhausted mind that is running in loops trying to manage a stressful situation and making it worse. In my experience burnout only really heals when we are able to connect to our true, strong self, to a sense of inner peace that is not dependent on anything happening around us.

I have been through two cycles of burnout. I will share my experiences in the following posts. I will talk about symptoms, and what to do when you feel you are heading that way. I will go through the burnout drivers for each Enneagram style and I will show you what will bring that energy back.

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