On Burnout 3/13

How to avoid burnout:

  1. First of all, be honest with yourself. If you show symptoms, don't just push through. I know a part of you feels it is the only solution. It insists it is the only option you have. But it's not true, at least not for the stretch of time it takes to develop burnout.
  2. Understand what drives you. Not just outside factors but also what drives you on the inside. Burnout has us believe we have to keep on going even as our energy is just giving out.
  3. Once you understand what drives you, you can catch your downward spiral. You learn how to switch into a positive re-energising dynamic.
  4. Learn to connect to your deepest source of energy: feeling safe that is fed from an inner source, joy, purpose and meaning. They can fill you with that mental as well as emotional energy you need.
  5. If you read this and feel I do not understand your situation, please consider this: The solution to burnout is entirely on another level than the drivers that lead to burnout.
  6. Yes, and there is always breathing consciously, exercise, diet and rest. They make such a difference in getting through. But they will not help you avoid burnout in the long run.

Don't wait for burnout to shut you down. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to regulate your drivers. Connect to your inner peace.

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