Tap into Team Intelligence

Tap into Team Intelligence

Expert Online Team Coaching

Move past mediocracy

Be brilliant together

Your team is OK … but not WOW.

It’s tough to admit this. But you don’t want to be stuck here:

  • The team delivers on a mediocre level and you can see so much more is possible.
  • True openness and honesty are missing although everyone wishes for it.
  • Accountability is a struggle, even when agreements seem clear.

In addition, your teams are simply exhausted by the pandemic. They need support.

Tap into your team’s full intelligence.

This happens when teams grow together. They

build trust,

have open, honest conversations that end with great solutions and true commitment,

become accountable,

move into high-performance.

During this pandemic teams fall apart. Teams need support  to be strong enough for the challenges they face.

Becoming a strong team needs support.

For a strong team to be forged, it goes through different stages. In the ‘storming’ phase, personality differences are magnified. You see more stress and tension between people.

It’s unnerving for everyone and most for the leader. It is easy to get stuck here, especially during the pandemic.


The good news: the following phase is  norming or performing. This is when you get to be so much better. Every team can get there. But without expert support the transition can be long and rough.

As an experienced team coach, I ease this transition into high performance. Working together becomes something you look forward to each morning. And true success becomes possible.

My offer​ings


‘pick- us-up’

EQ Team Booster

  • Energise your team,
  • ​ignite team spirit and,
  • change forever how you work together by learning an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tool.

Two x 4-hours sessions on zoom ​​

Ideal for team


Brilliant Team’s Leadership Program:

  • Become a strong, connected team,
  • grow individual leadership skills,
  • build resilience as a team,
  • build performance.

One 4-hours session per month over 12 months on zoom

Ideal to reach

tough goals

Bespoke Team Coaching:

  • Manage tough stretches by tapping into your team’s combined intelligence,
  • improve the way you work together,
  • step into high-performance.

A tailor-made, step-by-step process to reach all your goals safely

How to get started​

For each team I create an intervention that will be informed by your challenges, ​goals, size and budget.

Let’s meet and find out how I can best help you.​

1. Book a consultation

Follow the link to set up a time that suits you so we can meet.

2. Meet me

We talk about

  • ​all your frustrations, 
  • ​how you would like things to be different,
  • which hard goals you want to reach,​

3. Become a strong team​

We select a program or I design and lead you through a clear, step-by-step process for your team to reach all your goals safely.

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