On Burnout 6/13

How to avoid burnout for ennea 2, the Compassionate Helper.

What drives ennea 2:

  • Needing to be loved and needed
  • Needing acknowledgement and affirmation

How these drivers can trigger burnout:

  • Being involved in too many things
  • Being so competent that people love handing you responsibility while you are unable to say NO
  • Not receiving the love and acknowledgement you so crave so you feel empty and unloved
  • Not asking for help

What is the switch needed to connect to your true source of energy:

* Learning to say NO, knowing that saying YES will not give you what you are looking for

* Learning to give yourself the love and acknowledgement you need.

* Putting yourself first so that others learn to respect and love you too.

* Overcoming your sense of guilt and selfishness when you take care of yourself.

Ennea 2's true source of energy: humility (to love yourself and to let go of helping/mothering others as it makes you feel important and needed)

Don't wait for burnout to take over. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to regulate your drivers. Connect to your true source of energy.

Stefanie Elisabeth Skupin

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