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Expert coaching to recover from burnout*

Start with a map.

Return to your strenght.


 * Please  note that this is coaching and does not replace the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

Burnout squeezes you empty.

Burnout happens to us when we are disempowered by our circumstances. We have been stressed for too long. It feels like we are not able to gain ground.

Burnout  takes the juice out of life and success out of work. It affects people and teams, even whole organisations. 

To find a way out and back to healthy success, we need to see things differently in order to escape the rut that has us stuck. This takes a map that opens our eyes to  the lay of the land as well as the paths available to us.

Claudia Brandt … helps you to re-imagine life with fresh and hopeful eyes. Her touch is light and caring... and that enables you to meet your challenges with vigour and a new enthusiasm.

Mandi, Journalist

Start with your Burnout Recovery Map

You can break out of your current situation.

The Recovery Map shows you how to move forward at the only place that you truly have influence over: your own inner self.

The Burnout Recovery Map shows you 

  • how unconscious survival beliefs trap you, 
  • how to leave them behind, 
  • how to recover your strong, resourceful self.

This map is your specialised Enneagram Map for burnout. 

The Burnout Recovery Map consists of

  • an Enneagram Report by Integrative Enneagram Solutions and 
  • a 90-minutes session turning the report into your personal map.
  • Once you have your map, you know how to recover. With recovery coaching you will get better faster.
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Recovery Map

Three steps to recover from burnout

Step 1

Book a 30-minutes

meeting with me.

Step 2

Meet me.

Let's get to know each other.

Tell me what is happening and

how you are doing.

Step 3

We will create a

Burnout Recovery Map

for you and get started.

Claudia’s ability to listen and her intuitiveness is something that makes it easy to reflect and to grow.

Johan, Manager

First the Recovery Map and then:

Burnout Recovery Coaching for Individuals

One-on-one coaching specialised in assisting you to recover from burnout. In the process you discover yourself in a whole new and exciting way. Meet me

Burnout Recovery for Teams

If you find burnout to become a growing problem in your team or organisation, long-term stress has drained your system. It muddled your culture into one of perpetuated stress. It is time to return to a healthy high-performing culture. Let’s start with a map for your team. Get in touch, so we can talk. Meet me

Talks and workshops

Online and in-person talks and workshops go a long way in creating awareness for burnout.

They can also point you towards recovery.

I tailor each workshop or talk to your unique situation and needs.

Take back your power.

At the moment you might feel you have no say, no influence and no power to change what stresses you into burnout.

That might be true - but only partially. Our survival instincts, our deepest beliefs, are what drive us in stressful times. They served us in the past. However, they fail us now. 

In their most naked form, these beliefs are: I am not lovable. I am not good enough. Or: The world is out to get me. They sound stupid, right? But they know how to cloak themselves in the most convincing arguments. I cannot disappoint the others. Or I just need to push a little longer or This is the only way. Or I just have to push harder for a little longer.

By seeing these beliefs for what they are, you overcome them. The Burnout Recovery Map shows you where to look for them.  It also shows you other paths that you overlooked before. Often these other ways  didn’t seem passable,  like actually  setting boundaries or letting others help. 

Take back your power. It is within your grasp.

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