On Burnout 11/13:

How to avoid burnout for ennea 7, the Enthusiasitic Visionary

What drives ennea 7:

  • Need for constantly new experiences
  • Need to chase fun and distraction
  • Need to avoid pain at all cost

How this driver can trigger burnout:

  • You love new projects, challenges, tasks.
  • You have to keep on moving, trying, doing.
  • You find yourself with too much on your plate and no appetite or energy to finish. You'd rather just add more.
  • You feel empty in spite of filling your day with excitement as best you can.
  • You insist all is good, even when it is not. You look away too long when something goes wrong.

What is the switch needed to connect to your true source of energy:

  • Slow down to truly experience life: Less is More
  • Accept structure and priorities to help you experience one thing at a time and bring what you do to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Focus on what will really offer you satisfaction as you stay with it.
  • Accept that not all of life is exciting but still has a role that brings fullness.
  • Look for contentment and joy, they are constant and come from within yourself.

Unblocking Ennea 7's true source of energy: Sobriety

Don't wait for burnout to take over. Once you are depleted, even healing takes too much energy.

Know yourself. Know what drives you. Learn to connect to your true source of energy. This is where energising gets real.

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