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with WHO you are

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Clear up your

blind spots

Cutting-edge 2-step coaching program

Thank you for your insight and guidance. Working with you was eye-opening and ‘revelation-ary’.

Lisa Schmidt

Group Sales Manager, Petousis

I was thinking about the changes I have gone through and how much you helped me when I really needed it. Could not have done it without you.

Etienne Ludick

Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods 

Your blind spots are playing you.

This is how you know:

  • The same problems repeat.
  • Your team struggles to step up.
  • Letting go is tough. You work too hard.
  • You are constantly stressed, frustrated or anxious.
  • You get complaints about the team.
  • Time just slips through your fingers.

Your team is – at least in part – a reflection of how you do things. This can be your downfall or your chance.

Generate success with WHO you are.

Find out how you best

foster trust, engagement, and innovation for high-performance,

deal with pressure, frustration or anxiety, 

use your influence to thrive,

let go and trust your teams,

make the hard decisions,

avoid unintentional, negative impact,

generate success by modelling culture.

The courage to face your personality and blind spots has huge pay-off. It doesn’t solve everything. But it solves a lot.

Courage brings opportunity.

The way you do things, determines how your team does things. The way you feel, influences how people feel. Think of your past bosses and you will see what I mean.

Struggling teams are – at least in part - a reflection of your personal blind spots and challenges. It takes courage to look at this. But it also brings huge opportunity.

You have the chance to build strong teams by working on what you have most influence over – yourself. With a little expert support, you will soon see improvement where you struggle now.

Build a positive culture fast.

With 2-Step Brilliant Executive’s Coaching Program you lean into cutting-edge coaching to understand your personality, its strengths and shadow. You move into your natural leadership style and foster strong teams.

This is the experience and training you will leverage off:

coaching for 13 years (close to 10 000 coaching hours)

internationally accreditation as a professional coach (ICF PCC)

international certification in cutting-edge, best practice coaching tools: systemic tools (ORSC), Enneagram (IEQ9) and Neuro Coaching (mBIT).

many years’ management experience in international corporates

overcoming depression, anxiety and burn-out clearing up blind spots, understanding my personality and growing

Step-by-step brings results.

30 minutes consultation

Let’s get to know each other, discuss your situation and the changes you are looking for.

Step 1: The Inner Map

Professional Enneagram profile and three 60- minutes sessions to map the path into your best executive self.

Step 2: Brilliant Executive’s

Coaching Program

16  sessions via zoom over 4 months; cutting-edge personality coaching to take charge of your executive


Make plans

30 minutes consultation via zoom

  • Let’s get to know each other.
  • Let me know about your situation and the changes you are looking for.
  • I will show you how my 2-Step Program makes a difference fast. Let me know all your needs so I can customise my program for you.

Step 1: Start with the Inner Map

A map always makes life easier. You will receive

  • a professional Enneagram report for managers & leaders
  • three 60-minutes coaching sessions via zoom

You will understand yourself on a new level:

  • what makes you a strong manager
  • what is needed for you to become a rounded, conscious leader
  • what practical actions you can take immediately
  • what goals you need to commit to to be a brilliant executive manager taking charge of your executive presence and managing the power that comes with it

Now you are ready to commit to the Brilliant Executive’s Coaching Program.

Step 2: The Brilliant Executive’s Coaching Program

The Program is focused on helping you to grow into your best natural leadership style so you can foster a positive, high-performance culture with high levels of trust, commitment and engagement. That is how you become a brilliant executive manager taking charge of your executive presence and managing the power that comes with it

This is what you buy:

1. 12 sixty-minutes executive personality coaching sessions over 4 months on zoom.

2. You have access to your coach via voice notes as well as calls throughout the entire time.

This is what you get:

Understanding your personality, strengths, blind-spots, superpowers and your inner dynamics towards stress or well-being and generating success

working from your strengths to discover and build your best, natural leadership style

seeing and overcoming blind spots so they don’t take over and lead you into negative ways of seeing and doing things

handling stress and anxiety better for a clear head and good decisions

being clear on your personal executive presence to build robust work relationships

building trust in teams for high performance and innovation

working from the personal WHY for perseverance, inspiration, meaning and motivation

Stepping up her tools and skills as needed:

go from operative and tactical to strategic

create vision and clear goals for inspiration and focus in teams

strengthen people skills for better leadership: communication, giving and receiving feedback, handling conflict

strengthening decision-making skills

About Claudia Brandt,

ME (Dipl. Volkswirt), ICF PCC, ORSCC

Two experiences have formed as a coach. My first one is working in the corporate world as a marketing manager, strategist and consultant. And the second one is overcoming depression, anxiety and burn-out though personal development.

This is what I have learned and how it will help you:

Read more
  • What makes work life successful and fulfilling are strong leadership and strong teams. Sometimes this needs a little support. I know this as a team member and as a coach.
  • These are the best tools that will work for you: systemic work, solution-focus work (SFBT), organisational relationship systems coaching (ORSC), mBraining
  • (neuro-science based coaching) and Thinking Partnerships.
  • Tools that help understand ourselves make a huge difference in growing our self-awareness and self-management quickly. The Enneagram will do this for you.
  • Keep on growing, stay curious and always learn more. It opens you up to a happy life!

Besides executive personality coaching I also offer team coaching, my Team EQ Boosters, my Leadership Development in Teams Program. I also collaborate with colleagues to offer bigger leadership and team development interventions.

I live in Cape Town . This year I will be happily married to my high-school sweetheart for 30 years. We have one son who studies in Berlin. I love lazing in my swing in my garden reading a good book and to run (sometimes :).

Claudia is a coaching powerhouse.

Jan Niemand

Director and Principal Coach at Re-script Coaching

I am deeply grateful to Claudia for the time we spent together … she is intuitive, caring and insightful.

Athena Turner

Senior Marketing and Brand Manager, Xneelo

You have been phenomenal. Just to come and think with you, to be re-affirmed, to see the bigger picture and to gain new insights has been great.

Sachin Naidoo

Operations Manager, Pioneer Foods

I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so fabulous at what you do! … Thank you for your gentle yet direct way!

Liza Wapenaar

Head of Design – Spar, Western Cape

Claudia Brandt is an exceptional coach and I have found her assistance extremely valuable …. I will always be in her debt for the valuable contribution she has made in my life journey.

Dr Stefan Smuts


Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –

Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –