How to move on

after lockdown

Boost your team with an EQ tool:

2 x 3-hours (online) workshops

Connect with

each other



Deal with


A boost and an EQ tool to move on:

Take a little time to re-connect

Empower yourself with a practical EQ tool that you will all understand intuitively

Build a stronger, even more intelligent team

Understand better what makes you tick

Learn how to hit the right tone with each other – at all times

Find out how you can support each other as colleagues

That’s how you can move on and face the challenges together.

Deal better with feelings

The emotional aftermath of lockdown dampens your team’s spirit. Few know how to deal with the underlying feelings. These feelings drain your energies. It’s time to take a little time out together.

My Team EQ Booster brings you the practical insights you need. You will heave a collective sigh of relief as your feelings and actions make more sense. You understand each other better. Trust and team spirit are boosted. You learn a tool that makes speaking about feelings, problems and solutions easier. Now you are ready to move on.

Lots of teams have tried my EQ Booster. They love it and run with it.

The Team EQ Booster

Two 3,5-hour online, interactive team sessions, for teams of up to 8

a briefing and debriefing session with you as the team leader

R 16 800 / € 890 / $ 990  

(facilitation fee only, for up to 6 people)

The Team EQ Booster can be delivered online or in person. When delivered in person, it is a perfect, one-day workshop and team build.

How to give your team that boost

1. Contact me

We will meet online to

  • hear how you and your team are doing
  • set a focus for your workshop (stress mgmt., conflict mgmt., communication)     
  • find out what is most important for you

2. Enjoy the workshop

You and your team will enjoy

  • many AHA moments,
  • resolving misunderstandings
  • reconnecting
  • learning a really useful tool
  • lots of fun and interaction

3. Boost your team

  • Understand each other
  • Boost team spirit
  • Boost trust levels
  • Boost EQ
  • Learn a tool to make difficult conversations about feelings, problems and solutions so much easier

What is EQ – emotional intelligence?

And why it makes such a difference to your team.

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life-long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.” 

— Daniel Goleman

Feelings steer our actions far more than we like to admit. If we are not aware of emotions, we are manoeuvring in the dark. Being able to monitor, include and respond to feelings, raises our overall effectiveness dramatically. It makes a huge difference to the ease with which your team succeeds.

This Team EQ Booster introduces an EQ tool called Personality-abc. This very practical tool is intuitively understood and easily learned.

After the workshops you will pick up an immediate rise in empathy, team spirit and collaboration. At a time like this building positivity in your team is crucial to re-ignite your team’s effectiveness.

The tool will ease difficult conversations for a long time to come.

Your introduction to Emotional Intelligence is an eye opener.

Ronelle van Eeden

HR Manager, VOLVO South Africa

Claudia introduced us to soft skills training and solution focussed work. After working with her, we have already seen amazing and immediate changes inside of three weeks.

Sebastian Boehnke

Managing Director, Pixelfaerie

Personality-abc is not just another workshop. It has made a real difference to our team and we use itevery day. Anyone who comes into management should know it.


Team Leader at Lufthansa GLC


Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –

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