Superteam for

super challenges

Unlock your team’s superior intelligence

Tap into your team’s

full intelligence

Get to

what matters

Be successful


Our new world needs even stronger teams

Current conditions are hard to deal with – especially alone or in silos

There is no new normal but ongoing change.

COVID events and zoom have exhausted teams and robbed

them of their creative productivity.

Not superman but superteams

can grapple with our changing world

by tapping into their combined, superior team intelligence

can find their way step by step

with their combined common sense and creativity

can pull off the actions needed

to adapt fast enough, well enough

can build positivity and uphold values together

that can chart your course into a sustainable future

Becoming a superteam fast needs support.

For a strong team to be forged, it goes through different stages. In the ‘storming’ phase, personality differences are magnified.

High stress levels send a team straight into storming. The leader is challenged. It’s unnerving for everyone and most for the leader. This is where most teams find themselves now.

The good news: the following phase is the performing phase. This is when you are at your best. Every team can get there. However, teams can get stuck. Without expert support the transition can be long and rough.

As an experienced team coach, I ease and accelerate this transition into high performance. You build positivity. You increase your creative productivity. You become a superteam. All that while working on the business together.

How to up your game

For each team I create an intervention that will be informed by your challenges,

goals, size and budget. Let’s meet and find out how best to work together.

1. Schedule an appointment

Simply click the button, leave me a message and we’ll set up an appointment.

2. Meet me

We talk about

  • all your frustrations, how you would like things to be different
  • which hard goals you want to reach.

3. Move into your best selves

I design and lead you through a clear, step-by-step process for your team to reach all your goals safely.

How does team coaching help?

Team coaching brings to life what we all know to be true: A strong team is bigger than the sum of its parts.  A trained, switched-on team coach grows a team’s performance. This is how the magic of building intelligent teams works:

  • The team coach gives feedback on team qualities and behavioural patterns. She helps the team to shift unhelpful interactions and build on helpful ones.
  • The team is assisted in creating an atmosphere in which every team member can fully participate so the team learns how to draw on the best in everyone.
  • The team coach helps the team gather new information about themselves and their challenge. This results in fresh thinking and innovative solutions.
  • The team coach supports the team over a period of several months as the team transforms, practices and embeds new behaviours.

High-performance teams can tap into their shared creative intelligence. This team intelligence can deal with complex challenges, unstable environments and ambiguity in surprising, new ways.

Great, thanks Claudia… it was a fantastic session together as a team, owed largely to your style and skill in managing these types of things with finesse.

Alison Mckie

Head of Sales, Marketing and Revenue, Petousis Group

I highly recommend Claudia as an individual and team coach. Her in-depth understanding of the unique strengths and shadows of each Ennea type is extraordinary and she has a wonderful demeanor and approach.

Robyn Mace

Head of Central Marketing, Competitive Capabilities International

I highly recommend Claudia for Individual or Team coaching. She adapts easily to different styles, personalities and requirements.

Jabus Wessels

Manufacturing Executive, Pioneer Foods

Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –

Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –