Expert Online Revive! Coaching to deal with burnout*

Understand yourself.

Feel better. Do better.

 * Please note that this is coaching and does not replace the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

Go past Burnout  into Energy.

Feeling bone-tired,  sometimes, is only normal.

However, exhaustion becomes debilitating when it settles into your very soul. Eventually, you just want to be left alone. You don’t care much about anything.

Don’t wait for burnout to take over.

Return to a good life.

  • Think clearly again.
  • Feel strong and safe.
  • Enjoy  being with people.
  • Know and manage your inner downward spiral. 
  • Anchor yourself in your WHY and a sense of purpose..

Don’t wait to shut down.

Burnout is a result of constant psychological stress. It’s not only about physical exhaustion. It is also the result of a belief system that leads us into this place.

Our personalities are programmed to avoid  what we fear most and result in attracting it. Once we understand how this works for ourselves, we also learn what really fills us with energy and joy and how to get there. 

Revive! Coaching allows you to make this transition. True success will flow from there..

Don’t wait until burnout has completely shut you down. At that point recovery takes years. The sooner you seek support, the faster you will be on your way towards vitality.

Partner with experience.

With me you partner with someone who has specialised over many years in helping people understand themselves to feel and do better:

  • I  know  intimately how to manage psychological stress. Over most of my life I have learned to manage my own depression. I know anxiety as a frequent visitor and have overcome burnout twice. 
  • Through my own experience as well as thousands of hours of coaching experience, I can identify the inner dynamics that drive human beings into burnout. And how to find  the way back into a better life that energises you.

Step-by-step brings results.

Meet me

Let’s get to know each other,  discuss your situation and see if we are a good fit. Just click on the button and choose a time.

Step 1: Your Inner Map

Receive your Standard Enneagram Report. In a 90-minutes session we will develop it into your inner map to understand your inner pathways into depletion or energy.

Step 2: Revive! Coaching

With your inner map and over 8 sixty-minutes online sessions in up to 6 months you will know yourself so well that you know how to go from depletion to energy., from emptiness to meaning.

Claudia Brandt … helps you to re-imagine life with fresh and hopeful eyes. Her touch is light and caring… and that enables you to meet your challenges with vigour and a new enthusiasm.

Mandi, Journalist

Claudia’s ability to listen and her intuitiveness is something that makes it easy to reflect and to grow.

Johan, Manager

Thank you so much for opening up my mind to a better outlook on things all around as well as understanding myself better.

Martin, Manager


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