Expert Coaching Support

to deal with burnout*

Know yourself.

Grow yourself.

Do better.

 * Please note that this is coaching and does not replace the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

Burnout squeezes you empty.

Feeling bone-tired,  sometimes, is only normal. However, there is exhaustion that is debilitating.

Life might feels like an inescapable squeeze. Still, you might think, you’ve got this. Just keep going, try a  little harder. 

Burnout takes the juice out of life and success out of work. It affects people and teams, even whole organisations. 

Don’t wait for burnout to take you down.

Claudia Brandt … helps you to re-imagine life with fresh and hopeful eyes. Her touch is light and caring... and that enables you to meet your challenges with vigour and a new enthusiasm.

Mandi, Journalist


Return to a good life.

  • Think clearly again.
  • Feel strong.
  • Enjoy  being with people.
  • Feel energised for life and work.
  • Come out of that overwhelm, frustration and anxiety.
  • Know and manage your personal,  inner downward spiral into burnout.

Claudia’s ability to listen and her intuitiveness is something that makes it easy to reflect and to grow.

Johan, Manager


Buddy up:

Revive! Group Coaching

Eight 90-minutes sessions every second week over 4 months - just for ennea Six.

Revive! Group Coaching: 

online coaching in intimate groups of 6 for Sixes:

  • Connect with other ennea 6s for companionship, more diverse insights and learning
  • Feel safe with and seen by your fellow 6s
  • Learn tools for short-term relief from exhaustion and anxiety
  • Learn how to shift into your energising growth-dynamic for long-term relief 
  • All sessions online on zoom

Please enquire for the start date of the next group.

You need an Inner Map to join a group.

Have me all to yourself:

Revive! One-on-one Coaching

6 sessions over up to 3 months

Have me all to yourself and 

  • find relief faster,
  • connect to your highest wisdom for healing with neuroscience-based coaching,
  • learn how to shift into your energising growth-dynamic for long-term relief, 
  • learn tools for short-term relief from exhaustion,
  • based on your Inner Map understand your inner dynamics into stress and burning out as well as into energy and growth.
  • Session can be held online or in person in my practice in Pinelands, Cape Town

You need an Inner Map for these sessions.

Talks & Workshops

Understand burnout - because it gets you!


of 30 to 45 minutes

Spot burnout before it catches you

Mini inhouse or online workshops

of 4 hours for up to 24 participants

How to overcome your personal burnout
Two-day inhouse or online workshop
for up to 24 participants
Understand how your personality style can fall victim to burnout without noticing, how to be awake to burnout and how to outgrow your burnout

Burnout needs more than self-care.

With ongoing psychological stress your inner driver can push you past your physical, mental and emotional limits. 

Typically, your driver will tell you that you’ve got this. You just need to try harder for a bit longer.

For a short time this is often necessary. But it does not work over months or even years. It leaves you empty.

Overcoming burnout does not just need self-care. You need self-awareness and the will to grow. Burnout can be a chance to find new ways of dealing with life, stress and work..

That is how  you find your energy again - for all the necessary and good things in life.

Partner with experience.

With me you partner with someone who has specialised over many years in helping people understand themselves to feel and do better:

  • I know intimately how to manage psychological stress. I have learned to manage my depression. I know anxiety as a frequent visitor and have overcome burnout several times..
  • I am trained and certified in working with cutting-edge coaching tools.
  • I have 14 years of experience as a professional coach.

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