Step 2: Stepping up into Top Management

The Top Manager’s Coaching program is designed to develop a strong manager with a strong personality into a rounded, conscious top leader. It is customized to cover your exact needs.

This is what you buy:

12 sixty-minutes executive personality coaching sessions over 4 months on zoom. 

3 sessions with the client’s superiors to set goals, to check in on progress, and for the debrief

In addition, the client has access to the coach via voice notes as well as short calls throughout the entire time.

This is what you get:

working from strengths to discover and build her best, natural leadership style

seeing and overcoming blind spots so they don’t trigger potentially negative ways of doing and seeing things

handling stress and anxiety better so negativity do not take over being clear on her impact on others to build robust work relationships

building trust in teams for best collaboration and high performance

working from the personal WHY for perseverance, inspiration, meaning and motivation

Stepping up her tools and skills as needed:

go from operative and tactical to strategic to take care of the true challenges at the top level

create vision and clear goals for inspiration and focus in the teams

strengthen people skills for better leadership: communication, giving and receiving feedback, handling conflict

strengthening decision-making skills

R 7 800 (around € 460 or $ 520) per month over 4 months or

R 30 000 (around € 1 760 or US$ 2 000) in one payment

(12 hours of one-on-one executive personality coaching plus 3 meetings)

Happily designed by Vanja Lakerveld –

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