Coaching for you that ripples across your organisation

The KnowYourself Coaching Program: 12 sessions over 8 months to grow conscious leadership


Lead from the core

of your strengths

Have the impact

you seek

Enjoy more

meaningful success

Doing your work is tough when

the same problems repeat

all the time. What others do, does not make sense to you.

your team struggles to step up

to current challenges

you are misread by others

and you don’t get through to them.

you lack useful personal feedback

to tell you what’s off – from someone who is on your side.

About shortfalls and superpowers

You have the power to grow.

Grow the positive impact you want

on people, culture and results.

Grow a thriving team

by understanding your impact and building your natural leadership style.

Grow your EQ and leadership skills.

These are your most powerful attributes as a leader.

Experience a lift in energy and spirit

as you make sense of who you are and how your best self has the most powerful, positive impact

As a leader your impact is multiplied. Make it work for you.

Your personal impact is your leadership magic.

Many leaders struggle when they should be thriving. Feeling frustrated, anxious, stuck or overwhelmed, does not mean that you are failing.

It simply means that you need a little expert support. As your coach I offer you wisdom, warmth and experience. I have your back. I challenge you and give you useful feedback while you gain the self-awareness you need for you and your business to thrive.

My KnowYourself Coaching Program leaves you as a conscious leader who will make happen what matters. Your personal impact will turn into leadership magic.

The KnowYourself Coaching Program

This program builds conscious leadership. It includes:

Twelve 60 -90 minutes online systemic Enneagram coaching sessions over 8 months

Professional Enneagram Report by Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Up to three 45 minutes conversations with the coachee and relevant managers to discuss coaching goals and receive feedback

My support as your coach via phone or email as needed in between sessions (up to 30 additional minutes per month)

from R 3 800 / € 200 / $ 220 per month over 8 months.

The fees depend on the rank you hold in your organisation.

How to get started

1. Schedule an appointment

Contact me and we’ll set up an appointment.

2. Meet me

We talk about

  • all your frustrations,
  • how you would like things to be different
  • which hard goals you want to reach.

3. Have the impact you seek

Online I coach you safely through the steps of the SelfSense™ Coaching Program. As you align with your best self, you learn, grow and reach all your hard goals.

Why does knowing yourself make such a difference?

As a manager you are only as good as your awareness of yourself and your impact on others. You lose credibility as you slip into your blind spots – especially when you are stressed. Other people react by falling into their stressed self as well. The quality of interactions suffers. Trust, engagement and high-quality results are hard to achieve. You foster the very organisational culture you seek to avoid.

The higher your rank, the more your impact multiplies. Blind spots work against you. Growing awareness works for you.

Your negative qualities become more dominant the more unaware and stressed you are. They are driven by a deep-seated belief of not being good enough, not being loveable, or not being safe. You dominate, become defensive, anxious or overly accommodating.

The solution is simple, but it takes courage: As you become aware of your blind spots, triggers and negative beliefs, they lose their power. You replace your limiting beliefs with freeing ones. Your access to your best self is unblocked. You become a conscious leader.

As a conscious leader you see things clearly. Your intuition and empathy grow as you can afford to be vulnerable. You can be true to all aspects of the situations you face. Your insights are powerful. Your actions have the desired impact. Your organisational culture reflects and multiplies positive changes. Your teams thrive. Your business succeeds.

This is the best investment in yourself that you will ever make. Claudia is an excellent coach – she is intelligent and insightful. Most of all, you can feel “safe” in her responsible hands. Definitely highly recommended.

Puni Mamdo

Public Health Specialist and Consultant

Claudia’s ability to listen and her intuitiveness is something that makes it easy to reflect and to grow. The ability to understand personal growth on any level is what she brings to the forefront….

Johan Steyl

Regional Manager, Spirex Sarco

Claudia is a deeply insightful and highly effective coach. Based on her additional, extensive corporate experience she is the perfect partner for professional improvement.

Tina Hiller

MD next level Consulting South Africa


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